DMdB is a dynamic and agile consultancy providing professional services within noise and vibration control.

Based on over 30 years in the business of solutions for noise and vibration control, particularly in environmental noise and vibration, and in standards and legislation, DMdB provides:

  • Danish Acoustical Society
  • Institute of Acoustics, UK
  • International Institute of Noise Control Engineers
  • Danish Standards
  • International Standardization Organization (ISO)
  • Knowledge of and experience in applications, regulations and solutions
  • A wide and strong network within the global noise and vibration control community
  • As Chairman of ISO Acoustics, insight into standardization



Analyse your needs to determine how best DMdB can help.


Define and agree on the service to be provided to you including its requirements, deliverables and their content, milestones, quality, budget and liaison.


Provide your service and all deliverables on time, in the agreed quality and on budget.


Report as agreed on the service deliverable, including a closing review to ensure that all aspects have been met.


Founder and Director of DMdB

30 years experience with noise and vibration control applications and solutions at Brüel & Kjær, EMS Brüel & Kjaer and Envirosuite -  25 of these as product manager

25 years experience in standardisation and legislation, member of:
- ISO TC43/SC1/WG45 on environmental noise assessment, ISO 1996 (1998-, convenor since 2018)
- ISO TC43/SC1/WG52 on airport noise monitoring, ISO 20906 (2005-2014)
- ISO TC43/SC1/WG56 on outdoor noise calculation software quality, ISO 17534 (2011-2021, 2023-)
- ISO TC43/WG9 on calculating loudness levels, ISO 532 (2015-2018)
- ISO TC43 (Acoustics) Advisory Panel (2012-)
Chair of ISO/TC 43 "Acoustics", ISO/TC 43/SC 1 "Noise" and CEN/TC 211 "Acoustics" (2016-)
Chair of DS S115 "Acoustics" (2018-)

25 years experience with international conferences and exhibitions:
- Author of over 70 papers, respected presenter
- Chairman at several conferences
- International Advisory Board Internoise 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2021, 2023; Euronoise 2009 & 2012; Forum Acusticum 2011; BNAM 2012

Contributing author to:

“Noise Mapping in the EU” (ed. Licitra), Taylor & Francis, ISBN: 978-0-415-5809-5

“Uncertainty In Acoustics” (ed. Peters), Taylor & Francis, ISBN 978-0-429-4706-22

"Environmental Noise", Brüel & Kjær BR1626

Peer reviewer for Elsevier's Applied Acoustics (2022-)

Guest lecturer Danish Technical University, Environmental Acoustics (MSc module) 2006-2017, 2021-2023

Board of Directors of Danish Acoustical Society 2004-16
Board of Directors of International Institute of Noise Control Engineers (I-INCE) 2012-15
Treasurer of International Institute of Noise Control Engineers (I-INCE) (2016-)

Fellow of the UK Institute of Acoustics (2023-)


Environmental Noise

Standards & Legislation

Product Management 

Education & Training

Sales & Support



DMdB has a wide and global network within the noise and vibration control community, including leading researchers, practitioners and solution suppliers.

If required or where beneficial, we select senior advisors to work with, depending on the given assignment.

DMdB staff membership in the following professional organizations:

  • Danish Acoustical Society
  • Institute of Acoustics (UK)
  • International Institute of Noise Control Engineers
  • Danish Standards
  • International Standardization Organization (ISO)
  • Danish Sound Cluster’s Environmental Sound Solutions Working Group